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"normal people doing normal things in extraordinary circumstances, who just happen to save the world. that’s what i want again; not some impossible paradox wrapped in riddles and enigma and topped off with a spunky bow. no one can aspire to be a paradox, but perhaps you are reasonably good at gymnastics, or you play an instrument, or are especially observant; these incredibly human actions aren’t worthless - you might just end up saving the universe using them" -grayjoyed (or why I don't enjoy Doctor Who anymore)

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I’m SOOOSOSO happy to see @taylorswift standing up for herself and handling it all so well. This interview just became one of my favorites. I love her.

taylorswift I’m SO proud of you! I love you so so much and we will always be here for you. Please never forget that :)

Omg Tay you stick it to the man

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at what point do american children realise it’s weird for them to pledge allegiance to their flag and country every day at school and that not all countries do that and how long after that discovery do they realise how creepy it is

why is this something no one talks about because it concerns me on a very deep level

Senior year. 

I stopped doing the pledge. 

"Why don’t you do the pledge of allegiance?" they asked me. 

"Because we sound like robots," I replied. 

and they still looked at me like I was insane. 

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Two NEW IMAGES from next week’s episode of Doctor Who. Episode 10 ‘In the Forest of the Night’ premieres Saturday, October 25th at 9/8c on BBC America

That’s it for ‘Flatline’, but here’s two new images from 'In the Forest of the Night'! 

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You also have these baby teenage mutant ninja turtles to protect you.

This is actually such a good tactic for people with serious anxiety problems. Thank you. Really. Omg.

Also immunity cat protects your blog from “if you don’t reblog I’m judging you” posts


((Wasn’t going to reblog this.

Than the “I’m judging you” protecting came one.

Feels worth it to me.))

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"And now what, John?"

"Now you get yourself into that airplane and then fight your way back to me, understood?"

sherlock au in which everything is the same but in the tarmac John just know.

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i’m not very good at small talk, i want 2 talk about dying and aliens and sex and meaning and the sky i am terrible at asking about school and weather 

You’re not terrible at asking about school and the weather. Literally, “How is school?” or “This weather is terrible, amiright?” You’re terrible at retaining interest because these are bland things to talk about. 

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  • guy: it's different when guys do it
  • Dean: really?
  • guy: yeah
  • guy: *sexist rant*
  • Dean: *punches guy*
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Social anxiety isn’t “omg I hate people lol I wish I was sleeping and watching netflix!”

It’s “I want desperately to be able to hang out with people but I hate the feeling of sheer panic and fear I get around them so I don’t/ can’t and it eats away at me every day so I end up just staying home and say I’m sleeping or watching something”

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Shit is pretty deep.

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This is why I hate texting sometimes.

Every text conversation between me and my siblings summarized in a nutshell

This speaks to me on a spiritual level.

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I’ve always been a fat girl, I was a fat girl, I’m a fat woman. And my Dad saw me going out to a party once, and I was wearing hot pants, purple hot pants, really ill advised. And I was about to leave the house, and my dad saw me, so he called me in and asked me to sit down.

And I thought, “Euh, I’m going to get ‘The Talk’ now, the “get home early” talk.

But he said, “Okay, you’re wearing very short shorts”, and I said, “Yeah, that’s what you do”, like ‘you’re the fool’.

And he said: “Yeah, well, wearing those shorts they way you are is going to attract a lot of attention, from a lot of men.” So that slightly dumbfounded me. And then he said, “Listen, you deserve all of that attention, because you are a beautiful princess. You are the most beautiful girl at that party and you deserve that attention. But, because you are the most beautiful girl there, you must the choose the right boy. Do not give your attention to the wrong boy.

And never, never, think yourself other than absolutely fantastic.

So I went out that night feeling like a Queen, and I didn’t talk to any boys, because they didn’t deserve me.

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Today on Social Anxiety Theatre: mentally rehearsing elaborate justifications for completely innocuous actions just in case some hypothetical interlocutor demands an explanation.



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A real comment I received on an essay shout out to my professor for proving academics, too, can be fuckboys




A real comment I received on an essay shout out to my professor for proving academics, too, can be fuckboys


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